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Wee foodie blog for November 20 (by our foodie volunteer:)

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Hi and I hope this finds you well. I decided that since times are really uncertain and it feels like all our decision making has been all but ripped from us it might be nice to think about the things we can control. So I’ve decided this month I’m gonna try and focus on what I can in my life. And my first thought went to food. As my health has dictated everything I eat I’ve had to find joy in making new ways to enjoy things I’ve always loved. Some have been disasters but some have been favourites for years.

Our delectable Scottish salmon.

For today I’m just going to leave a little list of fruit and veg that are all in season in November. I’m not saying go out and buy them all. As it goes with my taste I love veg, there is only one veg on the list I refuse to eat although I’ve tried all different ways with it and on the lists of fruits there is only one I would eat without screwing up my nose and acting like a big child. So pick and choose what u enjoy or go a bit wild and try something new. Google recipes that include it and you never know you might like it. I’ll try to include some recipes that I have found my family and I really enjoy. Take care.

Fruits : pineapple (first on the list because that’s the one I will eat), winter berries, bananas, carobs, persimmon, chestnut, apple, pomegranate, fig, prickly pear, sorb, pear, plum, grape….. Ok I changed my mind I love frozen grapes

Veg : chard, any kind of cabbage (white, red, savoy etc), swede, beetroot, parsnips (my nemesis), squashes especially butternut and pumpkins right now, potato, cauliflower, chicory, onions/leeks, beans, mushrooms especially girolles, endive, lettuce, pea, radicchio, horseradish, turnip, radish, rocket, celery, celeriac, spinach, artichoke, 

There are plenty more out there I’m sure but this was just a short list I found doing some research. I will try my best to pick just one and come up with some recipes and I’ll even research how good some of these wonderful in season fruits and vegetables are for us medically. Take care all. 

Author: Families in Trauma and Recovery

"Ordinary People helping Ordinary People" . We are a peer led, lived experience organisation looking for ways to support others who may need a helping hand.

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