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“Still I rise” Maya Angelou

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How could I possibly add anything or take anything away from this wonderful piece shared time and again, and which resonates even more strongly during this most difficult time the human race is facing. Needs no explanation.

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“Still, I rise” Maya Angelou

How could I possibly add anything or take anything away from this wonderful piece, shared time and again – as it resonates so deeply within the human heart – and even more during such a time as this. Needs no explanation

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#Mentalhealthawareness Day 3 – Raw, handwritten and powerful!!

Written 2 months into lockdown, basically in isolation with my sick cat for company………………

So goes our contribution from one of our members who kindly wrote this piece for sharing during this #mentalhealthawarenessweek. We had been going to edit it, and pretty it up for publication – but after reading it – seeing the beautiful paper it was written on, feeling the hand writing, knowing the deep emotions that were poured into it – how could I possibly even think of doing that??? This is just one of the many expressions of what people are going through during this very strange era.

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Why are reflections important, especially during this Covid crisis? Do you see things in black and white? Or, do you recognize that its never really that simple – there are many varied shades in between? Well, if we are not careful we can get quite overwhelmed with our thoughts very easily. During this #mentalhealthawarenessweek we are being given time to slow down slightly and think about how we can do to be kind to ourselves, take the time to contemplate on where we are going and reflect on what we are learning. Think of our lives in terms of different shades – never just black and white!

If we can use this time productively, it will likely not feel like such a waste of time. Many of us are realising that we are being given time to reevaluate where we want to be heading in the future and have made some drastic changes. Others have decided they want to make smaller changes – as that is all they can cope with and finally some are just struggling to stay alive day by day. Whatever stage we are at – let’s not judge each other – just remember that we are all struggling in one way or another and we all need some compassion, care and reflection time. Enjoy those starry nights whenever you can.

Take the above images – stunning in their solitary starkness – and yet a reminder too that we are all connected – in one way or another. We all look on that same moon every night and have done so for generation after generation. Even if we would rather not think about being connected to some individuals 🙂 , its that connection that draws us all together. And connection is the thing we are all seeking – whether we admit it or not. It is a basic human need – and sometimes we use our animals to fill that need too. I was reminded of that recently by a friend who put it so eloquently “the world is my home and people are my family”.





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Sparrow First day out 2020 - _354b[32241]


This has to be one of the most beautiful calming sounds for our minds. It reminds us that nature still goes on, seasons come and they go, the world still turns on its axis giving us the ever changing seasons – and despite whatever is going on in the world – some things are eternal – they never change. And for us – that feeling can be so comforting and strengthening in times of trouble.

Click on the link and enjoy 1 minute relaxation.